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Welcome to SG Girl Abroad

  • Founder

    Deema Yanni Ma'at
  • Job

    Entrepreneur Serial
  • Camera

    Nikon D80, GO PRO Hero Silver
  • Lens

    NIKKOR, Tokina

I am city skyline, street and landscape photographer. I fell in love with photography when I bought my first digital camera Nikon D80 back in 2007.

I love to travel and discover cities and landscapes through the lens of my camera. I am always exited about history of our civilization and I am trying to show historical depth and unity of ancient and modern cultural layers in my urban photos. I love different weather conditions such as rain, storm, fog, snow for its ability to miraculously change the mood of the city, people and bring out wonderful light.


Born and Raised in SG – small tiny country in the map. Not too long ago, I resigned from a high paying job in Headhunting (Recruitment Executive Search) to first become a part time world traveler with a strong intention to be full time world traveler. LOL Just kidding – but why not? I don’t see myself leaving this sector behind as I love helping people and improving their lives. 

I have traveled to over 15 countries in two’s but my recent solo travelling to Australia, Greece and Italy has inspired me to continue this solo journey cos it is not impossible to survive – being alone and still having a lifetime experience.

I hope to raise awareness for many undeveloped beautiful countries to promote their tourism, culture, and hope to volunteer and help those who are in need in both developed and undeveloped countries, and discover my own happily ever after.

I seek for support in terms of encouragement and ideas from you!


With love,